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General inquiries

At the oral care centre we strive to provide a holistic approach to your oral health. So we must conduct an evaluation to best advise a course of action.

Our Manor Lodge location is fully wheelchair accessible. We also have a wheelchair on hand for those with mobility challenges.

We highly recommend having a check-up every six months. Based on your oral health, your dentist may change the intervals to best serve your needs.

We prefer patients to schedule an appointment so we can best meet expectations. However, we always try to accomodate patients in need of urgent care where we can.

We offer a range of options for replacement teeth and it is best to have an evaluation with one of our providers. You will be able to assess which options are best suited for you.

Your first check-up at the Oral Care Centre will always require x-rays. From there we encourage having them done every 2 years to monitor the progress of your oral health.

X-rays allow us to accurately diagnose your condition, so we may best serve your needs.

A panoramic x-ray shows us your entire mouth including the roots of your teeth. This type of x-ray is invaluable for diagnostics in some surgical procedures.